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A Healing Anthology


Poems and Short Stories About Overcoming Trauma, Resilience, Scars, Healing, and Mental Health

BOOK LAUNCH: May 4, 2023, 6-8 p.m. EST at Minnetrista Museum & Gardens, 1200 North Minnetrista Parkway, Muncie, Indiana USA.

What is your story of scars? Your poem or short story about overcoming trauma, resilience, and healing you would like to share with someone who is where you were? What life lessons did you have to learn the hard way?

Poets and writers from around the world share their poems and short stories about the power of faith and self-love, about scars that have healed, and lessons learned that may give someone the strength they need to face another day. 

Proceeds from this book will be donated to mental health organizations such as 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline and

SCARS will be published May 2023 which is Mental Health Awareness Month.

THANK YOU to these authors from around the world for helping bring this book to life and sharing their writing gifts:

Big Sal - Colorado, USA

Bryan Franco - Maine, USA

Clara Klein - Nevada, USA

Clay Octobre - Indiana, USA

Colleen Wells - Indiana, USA

Chuck Kellum - Indiana, USA

D.A. Carns - New South Wales, Australia

Diana Humphrey - Stroud, UK

E.B. Hills - North Carolina, USA

Elizabeth Cox - Indiana, USA

Isabella St. Kim - Pennsylvania, USA

Jason Bayliss - Lincoln, UK

Jessica Oakwood - Wiltshire, England

John Ganshaw - New York, USA

Julie A. Dickson - New Hampshire, USA

Karuna Mistry - Leicester, England

Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff - Indiana, USA

Leland P. Gamson - Indiana, USA

Lori Goss-Reaves - Indiana, USA

Marcia Durant - Indiana, USA

Marj O’Neill-Butler - Florida, USA

Michael "Maik" Strosahl - Missouri, USA 

Mikayla Cyr - Maine, USA

Ndaba Sibanda - Zimbabwe, Africa

Noel Arzola - Texas, USA

Pratibha Savani - UK

Rachel Leitch - Indiana, USA

Sarfraz Ahmed - Derby, UK

Stacy Savage - Indiana, USA

Stephanie Daich - Utah, USA

Teresa Keefer - Indiana, USA

Terra Chism - Indiana, USA

William Lewis - Cheltenham, UK

Zaneta Varnado Johns - Colorado, USA

Special thanks to our book launch sponsor! 

Minnetrista Museum & Gardens

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