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Wood work is a family affair. Everyone pitches in to help deliver quality products and service to our customers! Below are some pictures of our family in action. It's a special time when our youngest grandchild shows up to "help."  


About The Wood

When you are looking to get the best "deal" on firewood, keep in mind a few very important things:

  1. How much wood you are getting? Yes, some providers may charge a little less than us, but we use a full-size truck and heap it on! We can also provide wood in a measured rick or cord if you prefer.

  2. What type of wood is it? We provide SEASONED wood, mostly ash which is a good burning wood.

  3. How good is customer service? Can you count on your provider to consistently provide the wood you need and deliver in an emergency? You can count on Earl to deliver the wood you need when you need it. 

  4. Are there hidden fees for delivery? We deliver a full-size truck load of firewood anywhere in Grant County, Indiana for $75. We charge $25 to carry wood to a specific spot and $25 to stack the wood.  

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