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Writing, Editing, Creative Design,

 & Publishing Service

Over three decades of experience in everything from creating flyers for nonprofits to making résumés for job hunters, typing and editing essays for college students, book cover design and the entire publishing process for poets and aspiring authors, easy-to-edit web design and Facebook business page creation, logo design, marketing for small business owners, etc.

When it comes to the non-fiction writing process, WriterKat can help you from start to finish without wrecking your budget!  

WriterKat - Kathy Gerstorff

“Everyone should do what they love and outsource the rest.”

~ WriterKat​

WriterKat, aka Kathy Gerstorff




My love affair with writing started in high school when I interviewed fellow students and teachers for the Oak Bark school newspaper. I often stayed after school to type and edit articles. Journalism was my favorite class! 


Visual Communications

When you work at a struggling not-for-profit organization, you do whatever needs to be done. I helped our local YMCA by creating flyers, newsletters, and brochures.  


Proofreader/Graphic Designer

I gained a lot of experience proofreading, typesetting, and graphic design with our local newspaper and Gannett Offset. 


Corporate Communications

Helped educational institutions, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies communicate with customers and employees by creating letters and reports for CEOs, Powerpoint presentations, SOPs and other manuals, job postings, etc.


Indie Author/Publishing/Marketing

For the past 20 years, I have helped several small business owners market online with everything from selling their merchandise on eBay to designing websites and social media management. I helped independent authors with all aspects of the publishing process, from typing and editing their manuscripts to cover design to organizing and implementing the book launch. I have also published all of my own books.



Lifelong Learner

Since graduating high school, I have attended many universities, including Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana University, and eCornell. I believe in continuous education and make time to learn something every day. I also believe in personal development and servant leadership. I have taken certification courses from leadership and marketing experts including John C. Maxwell, Mike Dooley, Mitch Meyerson, and Tai Lopez. I believe my diverse experience and education helps me serve my customers better!